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Extreme Muzik Entertainment Inc.

XME has grown from being an audio engineering and production team to become one of the leading developers in audio pre-production and other entertainment software.

We launched our first software project shortly after the AppStore debuted in 2008 with "Christmas" for iPhone. This project lead to the "Music Healing" project. To create Music Healing, we took the relaxing nature of the Christmas project and created music that can be appreciated all year. Shortly after we released Music Healing, iTunes staff featured it. This gave a financial boost that lead to a stream of progressive music applications. Currently, XME products are in the hands of millions and counting. Our software is downloaded every second, every day, around the world. As Apple and Google grow, so do we. We will expand to more platforms over time as well. Thank you for taking the time to read About Us. Be sure to download and enjoy our Apps.

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