Tucked Put your wonderful children to bed with Soothing Stories and Music

Tucked - Bedtime Stories & Music

  • Available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV & Mac OSX

    Tucked - Soothing bedtime stories, peaceful music and good thoughts spoken for Christian families with children. Welcome & Enjoy!

    *Stories written and narrated by Branden & Cekoya Burch. While one of the original stories, David & Goliath, is based off Biblical characters, the wording and perspective have been rewritten to cater to the ears and minds of children. We believe the timeline and facts of the story told honors the original, but we welcome you to also double check and read the original Bible books to your children.

    *All the positive words spoken between stories are to place good thoughts and values in our children's ears as they fall asleep. We carefully selected positive Biblical principles that we believe can have a lasting impression on children's self esteem & values.

    - Tap/Click the screen to show menu options for voice and music volume, a sleep timer and wake up alarm (yes, you Can wake your little ones with positive Christian audio).

    - Tell a friend to tell a friend because we appreciate and value all the support we can get.

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